At this time the only merchandise available for sale are back print issues of American Libertarian newspaper. Other items listed for sale will be added as they become available. Paid members will receive a 10% discount on items ordered (in addition to any other discount available) unless otherwise indicated.

A. American Libertarian newspaper back issues (most available): $25 each, postpaid. 10% discount for two or more issues ordered. Please specify the issue year, month and volume # when ordering. Condition may vary. Some may have signs of aging but are complete and intact.

B. Complete set of print issues of American Libertarian newspaper: Currently $600.00 per set, postpaid. Limited availability


There are no ALDA sponsored events announced. We anticipate that in the future ALDA may sponsor or co-sponsor conferences or similar events relevant to the history of the modern American libertarian movement.

When that happens we will provide details here.

Those interested in such a possible future event, either as an attendee or possible sponsor should contact ALDA for further information.