This section is currently under development. It is intended to become a compilation of Original Libertarian individuals and brief bios and/or links to biographical information about them.

The term Original Libertarians refers to individuals who were active in the libertarian movement (broadly defined) prior to 1980 and earlier. Some are already well known (writers, scholars, activists, organizers, etc.) but many others are not. Some of the latter are mentioned in archived publications or were creators and contributors to them.

Since there are literally hundreds if not thousands of such individuals I am soliciting input from ALDA site readers for this listing. Of particular interest is information about people who don’t have Wikipedia entries or other online bio materials but who qualify for this and were contributors to the early modern American Libertarian movement in some fashion. You can nominate yourself if you meet the criteria. It may take some time to begin posting this material, assuming relevant names are being sent to ALDA. Due to the length of time, a fair number of qualifying individuals may have died in the meantime. Others may have changed their ideological orientation from “libertarian” to something else. It is hoped that this listing, while not being an “honor roll” will provide an opportunity to recognize everyone, famous or otherwise, who contributed to the intellectual revolution that is the modern American libertarian movement.

Nominations should be sent to ALDA either via mail or at