Published from July 1986 to October 1989. This newspaper was intended to be a monthly tabloid but for various reasons sometimes appeared as a bi-monthly “double issue.”

One of the few, if not only, libertarian newspapers (other than the Libertarian Party News) which had color, regular photos and cartoons. It was intended to focus mostly on news and interviews as opposed to theory, philosophy or opinion. Though at times subject matter varied.

Edited and largely written by ALDA site owner Mike Holmes, the financial backer (though not identified as publisher) was Houston cardiologist Dr. Matthew Monroe. He also served on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) from 1979 -1989. Holmes was the immediate past editor of the LP News.

The intention of American Libertarian was to take the contemporary libertarian movement seriously. To cover actual developments in a news format. The Libertarian Party’s activities were the most visible during this period but AL also made an effort to cover other groups and news objectively. It never had more than 1,000 subscribers, often less, and lost money. Some contributors were paid small amounts but Holmes was unpaid. The publication was typeset and laid out by libertarian Sue Bjornseth, who worked professionally for a large graphics firm.

The newspaper folded shortly after Dr. Monroe’s unsuccessful attempt to become Libertarian Party chair in September 1989. He represented the Ron Paul/Murray Rothbard faction, who subsequently all (mostly) departed the LP by the end of 1989.

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