Is ALDA LLC a nonprofit organization? Are donations tax deductible?

No, ALDA is not affiliated with any tax exempt organization. Nor is it organized under any tax exempt kind of organization under the US tax code. (Whether it ever becomes profitable is another issue.)

How can I contact ALDA?

By email, the address is

By regular mail or private service, the address is:

American Libertarian Digital Archive (or ALDA)

21040 Highland Knolls Dr. # 210

Katy, TX 77450

Are the items hosted on the ALDA archive limited to those produced in the pre-Internet era?

No, while ALDA is mainly intended for those printed libertarian documents that were never put into digital formats or published on Internet websites, there are some materials which even though produced later, never made it onto the Web. Or are not easily located or in some cases, not available in digital form in one convenient place.

Who are the Original Libertarians?

This moniker is an honorific bestowed by ALDA for those “early adopter” libertarians who became aware and active in some fashion in the libertarian movement in the US. By 1980 as a result of the emergence of the Libertarian Party in 1972, GOP congressman Ron Paul, and a number of writers and intellectuals who became spokesmen or advocates of libertarian ideas, there was a relative “explosion” of new libertarians. The Original Libertarians, most of whom were born in the post WWII generation up until about 1960, became aware of libertarian ideas through their own research and reading or exposure to a small number of libertarian advocates. Most were originally some form of conservative, liberal or leftist or in some cases admirers of Ayn Rand through her books or lectures. There were many routes to this discovery but this “first generation” of modern American libertarians was relatively small. Original Libertarians deserve some special recognition since nearly all were self-taught and had few public sources of libertarianism as a philosophy or social/political activist movement.

The ALDA listing (an ongoing work in progress) attempts to provide some awareness of who these people were/are and provides some background information.

Does ALDA pay for archived materials?

Not if we can help it. ALDA does pay for the digital scanning and shipping expense for receiving and returning items to be archived. All items archived will be returned to the donors unless otherwise indicated by the donors.

ALDA has no wealthy donor/backers so currently payment for items isn’t feasible.

Does ALDA sell back issues or items archived?

In cases where hard print copies are available for purchase, yes. Most issues of American Libertarian newspaper are available for sale on the ALDA store. To the extent owners/donors of archived print items are willing to make these copies available for sale, if these exist, then ALDA will offer them to the public on a consignment basis in the future.

Is ALDA part of the Libertarian Party? The Republican Party?

No. No political group or party organization has any formal ties to ALDA. No free market or libertarian foundation, think tank or other publication has any ties to ALDA.

As a convention, when someone is referred to on ALDA as a capital L libertarian (e.g. Libertarian Alicia Clark) that is used to designate someone whose specific action or identity in context was with the Libertarian Party (also abbreviated LP).

What about publications and other materials from sources outside of the USA?

To the extent these are obtained in the future and digitized, ALDA will host these on this site, designated in a special section. Again, emphasis will be on materials not otherwise available in digital form on the Internet

Does ALDA accept submissions already in digital format (Pdfs)?

Yes, if they are not otherwise being hosted on the Internet and meet our general criteria for inclusion. Contact the site for arrangements.